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X-Ray Fog Lamps: X-Ray technology combined with high power halogen lamps, with night vision filters, allow you to literally see through the fog.

Mini SR-71 Air Intake: A miniature jet engine, duplicated from the SR-71 Blackbird Spy Plane, which can achieve speeds over 3,000 miles per hour.
High Pressure Windshield Fluid: With equivalent pressure to a fire hose, the jets of washer fluid not only clean the windshield, but can rid you of any other undesirable cling-ons.

Lazer Beams: Enough said.

Pressure Sensitive Suctioning Aqua Tread: If you thought that SUV's could go anywhere, think again. The suctioning traction on the BM2K's tires allow it to climb up to a 44 degree angle.
Smudge/Bullet Proof Glass: The advanced polymers in the windows of the BM2K not only allow you to dodge bullets, but to look good while doing it.
"Objects are closer than they seem." Alarm System: This alarm system not only notifies you to objects that are too close to the BM2K, but also alerts the objects with a debilitizingly loud 130db alarm.
Heat Seeking Missiles: No Bond car would be a good Bond car without these.

Spiffy Chromed Wheels: A classy touch to any automobile, this feature of the BM2K will turn more heads than any other feature, except maybe the lazer beams.
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